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"Convince us…"

"Convince you," Raven repeated with a puzzle expression as he stood in front of the members connected to the school that he was about to accept into.

They all have on black hoods which veil their true identity. There are only five members that were present; the chairman in the middle; the principal & the assistant principal on the right; the student body president & vice president on the left.

The room that they were in was large surrounded by red curtains. It was dark & gave off an apprehension atmosphere. There were a few candles that somewhat light up the room, enough for Raven to see them. The floor was made out of stone & there was stone stairs that lead up to where the members were. The members were sitting on chairs that almost seem like thrones.

Right now, Raven's test was to convince the members if he was worthy to enter their school. The school that Raven is enlisting into was called Criminal Academy, where people of any age learn about killing, stealing, or hacking into something. In other words, it was a school for young criminals or those who desire to become a criminal. In addition, they permit people who have never gone to Criminal Academy, even though they, themselves, already done crime or have been known a criminal.

"I don't understand," Raven said, waiting for someone to answer.

"Why should we, the members of the Criminal Academy, permit someone like you into our school?" the assistant principal spoke with a woman's voice.

"Why?" Raven uttered.

He stared at them with a calm expression like their appearance didn't bother him in anyway. Yet, at the same time, Raven's eyes confirm how serious he was. Even his appearance offers you an idea that he wasn't here to kill time. Raven's short dark red hair was tied back. He wore something simple that was all in black: a thin turtle neck with no sleeve, cargo pants with many pockets, long boots, & fingerless gloves that stop to his wrist. But most of it was cover up by his long, red, loose hood jacket. Moreover, he wore one silver earring that was in a shape of a bird wing on his left ear.

"To see what this school has to offer that I don't already know," Raven finally answers, "And to find out what I lack as a criminal…."

None of the members made a single noise until the chairman finally spoke out, "You're the second person to ever say that."

"I agree," the principal added, "Many have only shown us what they are capable of, but you….are one of the many who have dare to challenge us."

"This kid has guts, I like him already," Raven heard the student body president whisper to the vice president.

"I think, this child has a lot of proficiently," the principal said to the chairman & the chairman nod to the principal.

"We will now take a vote," the assistant principal utter, after taking a quick glance at Raven, "Student Body President & Vice President…."

"Why not?" the student body president answers with amusement, "This might get interesting."

"I agree," the student body vice president corresponds.

"Principal," the assistant principal continued.

"Of course, I will always welcome his kind," the principal respond.

"And finally the Chairman…."

"I, too, welcome those who have what you have," the chairman spoke then turn to the assistant principal, "What about you, Mrs. Assistant Principal?"

"You already know what my answer is."

"Then, it is decided," the chairman focuses his attention back to Raven, "Raven Evans, you will become a student of Criminal Academy. We welcome you to our school…."

"Thank you," Raven said.

"You may leave now."

"Raven Evans," the assistant principal exclaimed as Raven was about to leave, "as you head out, go to the right door. There they will give you what you need to start your second test."

"What, there's more?" Rin uttered.

"This school is not all fun & games," the student body vice president added.

Raven nod to illustrate that he understands what he got himself into headed towards the right door. As Raven enters through, there was a woman waiting for him. She handed Raven a white paper that said Test.There were instructions printed on the paper that Raven read while he continue through an extensive hallway that only lead to one door:

1) When you enter the room, you will choose a partner. You will be helping each      other throughout the tests.  If your partner is unable to go on, then we will assign you a new one.

2) Feel free to use any items or weapons that you have bought. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items throughout the tests.

3) Other items that are not needed, you will place inside any of the available shelves in the room (we promise that all items will be safely kept away from others and will be return to you at the end of all the tests).

4) Please take the tests seriously for these are create like real life situations (meaning that most of them will be dangerous) which can cause more than just injuries.

5) As you finish each test, there will a person to stamp your paper which will allow you to move on (keep the paper you are holding at all times). Those who lose their paper will instantly be disqualified.

After Raven had finish reading, he had finally arrived at the door. He opens the door, entering into a plain white room that was already filled with unknown people. The room was much brighter than the other room & even though the ceiling was already completely built, there was still bunch of red iron frames present up above. It was, in fact, strange that they didn't conceal the remaining iron frames.

The door immediately closes right after Raven had completely penetrated into the room; it secured itself not permit anyone to open it from the inside. Without caring, Raven walk over to the shelves & place his belongings inside one of the shelves. Once he had finally placed them inside; lasers attempted out, shielding the shelf entrance. Then, Raven walk around until he found a wall in which he could lean against as he observe the room & the people. There were some people talking to each other as though they were childhood friends. Others were like Raven that stood back & observe everybody.

Somewhere from afar there was a group of girls following a good-looking man. He had long black hair with fair skin. His name was Takuma Liu, a son of a Chinese mafia. This mean he was rich & would kill anyone who steps in his way. All the girls want him & persevere ask him to be their partner for the tests, but he kept refusing them.

Suddenly, Takuma caught a glimpse of Raven who was now resting his eyes. Raven give the impression to be a decent person to work with; seeing that Raven was young & appear to had plenty of experience. Raven was the key to getting rid of the persevere girls. Takuma was about to approach Raven, when suddenly someone had already appear in front of Raven & begin to introduce himself.

This person who arrives on the scene unexpectedly is a gentleman who been called The Magician, a Phantom Thief. However, he isn't any normal Phantom Thief; he the type that use magic in his act. He had short brown wavy hair with gray color eyes. The gentleman was fairly tall compare to Raven who was around 5'4''. His, too, was dress in black, but Magician wore a silver rosary, instead of earring like Raven.

"Hi," Magician uttered with a smile, which caught Raven attention.

Raven opens his eyes to see that Magician was standing right in front of him. Magician bends over to get a closer look at Raven's face. Raven felt a bit uneasy each second Magician inch closer to him.

"Hi," Raven answer back while burying his uneasiness towards Magician. When Magician had finally got Raven's undivided attention, he withdraws his face from Raven's.

"The name's Magician," Magician said with a flick of his wrist, a rose appear & handed it to Raven, "Would a beautiful person like you, be my partner?"

"Alright," Raven answered while examine rose that Magician handed to him, still somewhat, dumbfound by Magician's magic tricks.

"Yes," Magician uttered before asking Raven some questions, "What's your name? What kind of crime do you do?"

"My name is Raven Evans & people hired me to kill & search for unknown information."
"Really? So, you're an assassin & a broker."

"You could say that…."

"Well, I'm a Phantom Thief with a lot of hacking skills, but I'm mostly good at~" before Magician could finish what he was saying, someone spoke over the intercom; this grab hold of everyone's attention.

"Good evening & welcome to Criminal Academy entrance exams," a man spoke over the intercom, "I hope you read your instructions & know what to except."

"And now let begin with your second test," a woman spoke over the intercom, "In three…two….one…."

*Click* without warning, all of the side walls begin to close in on them.

Panic & fear was the first reaction for many of the testers. Raven, on other hand like some people, was trying to come up with a plan to get out of this disaster. At that moment, Raven let out a gasp when Magician suddenly grabs him from behind; bring their body closer together which made Raven a little bit uncomfortable. He didn't like being too close to people.

"W-what are you doing?" Raven asked surprise to feel one of Magician's arms tight around his waist.

Without answering Raven question, Magician pulled out a grappling hook gun & immediately aims, fire it toward one of the iron frames. The rope spin around the iron frame until it reach the hook & secure itself. Next, Magician pulls the trigger again causing the grappling hook to raise the two of them off the ground & into the air, away from the crashing walls. As they gradually arrive at the top, Raven watch as the walls slowly close in towards the remaining people that couldn’t escape.

Raven could hear the feeble testers howl out for help. Soon, the second test was over. The walls put out, leaving behind injury people on the ground. The testers who got over the walls & escape were now on top of it. As the walls inch their way back, each of the testers jump off & landed back on the ground. After all the injured testers were clear up, a door open up to let the remainders go through. Raven & Magician came back down to join the other testers.

"Test 2, complete," Magician said proudly as he walk beside Raven.

There was a man waiting at the door to stamp their paper to let them in. The door lends everyone into another room that had tables & chairs, two couches, & one coffee table. There were also counters that had foods & drinks on them. Just like the other two rooms, there were no windows, but ceiling lights that brighten up the room.

Raven rest on a couch that was position in the center of the room while Magician went grab some foods & drinks. Even though Raven hasn't done anything yet, he felt worn-out.

"You look tired," Magician said, placing a glass of water on the coffee table for Raven.

"Thanks," Raven uttered as he lift up the glass while watching Magician take a seat on the couch on the opposite side.

"Not used to seeing people get injury like that?"

Raven shook his head & was about to take a sip of his glass, but stop when he smell something unusual in the water. As he sniffs water further, it begins to smell familiar to him.

"This is…," Raven uttered then immediately glance at Magician who was about to eat a donut, "Wait!"

Suddenly, Raven launch over the coffee table & grab Magician's arm that was holding the donuts. At the same time, the glass that Raven was holding shatter onto the floor which startle everyone as the sound echo through the room.

"W-what…," Magician utters in surprise.

"Its poison," Raven said, keeping a firm grip on Magician's left arm.

"What's poison," Magician was afraid to ask. Before Raven could answer; the intercom turned on.

"Third test," a woman spoke on the intercom, "You all took poison, hahaha~"

"Did she just say poison?" a man spoke.

"What does she mean?" a girl asks.

"What poison?" another man said.

"Raven," Magician utter his partner's name.

"The foods & drinks here are poison," Raven gave a direct answer with a serious look in his eyes. Magician jolt a little by Raven's respond & drop his donut. Some of the testers over heard Raven's conversation.

"W-why would they do that?"  a woman shouted.

"You have got to be kidding me. What kind of test is that?" another woman spoke.

"The poison will start to take effect," a woman spoke on intercom again, "In three….two…one…"

At that moment, many testers begin squeal in agony as the poison had by now taken over & was slowly killing them from the inside. One man fell onto the floor & gaze at Raven as he started to plead for his life, "H-help me! I-I don't want to die!"

Raven didn’t answer the man, instead he complete ignore the man, like he was never there. Magician was completely stunned; watching in disbelief as the emotionless Raven walk away from the helpless man. Then, Raven sat back down on the couch with his arms across & his eyes close. Again, they heard testers howl out for help as the poison pump through their veins. Eventually all the howling stop & the remaining testers headed to the next test with another stamp on their paper.

Raven & Magician didn't say a single word to each other as they arrive at a room where all the testers hang around until their names get call. I wasn't long before Raven's & Magician's names were called & the two enter together. Inside the testing room, there were small buildings that were made out of metal that were line up on two sides of the walls. The room was build to look like a town with one path that lend to another door on the other side.

"Fourth test will start," a woman spoke on the intercom, "In three….two….one…"

After the woman finish the countdown, Magician set off onto the path with a smile on his face.

"Wait," Raven stop him; grabbing one of Magician's wrists & jerk him back before he could step onto the pathway.

"What?" Magician utter, bewilder.

"What do you think you're doing?" Raven asks, hoping Magician wasn't thinking that they could just simple pass through room.

"Don't worry, I got this," Magician announced while trying to get Raven to let go of him.
"What are you going to do?" Raven demanded.

"That's a secret," Magician whisper into Raven's ear. Curious, Raven finally let go of Magician & begin to watch him work his magic. "Stay here."

Raven answer with nod. As Raven was watching, Magician first observes the area, before he boldly sprints towards the other door. Then, without warning, multiple gunfire came at Magician & he quickly dodge every since one of them. Raven heard the gun shots & was amaze by Magician.

It appears that gunfire were manipulation by a computer which uses motion detectors. Eventually, Magician made it to the other side without any injuries. It was Raven turn.
"Ok Raven," Magician call over, "Just follows all the marks that I made & you wouldn't get shot."

Raven look around the area & there was a bunch of red 'X' marked on the ground & on the building walls. Magician had marked the places where the machine guns couldn't fire. But that wasn't necessary, because Raven too had some up his sleeves.

"What are you doing?!" Magician shouted as he watches Raven not follows the red markings. Instead, Raven walk straight across, following the path towards the other door.

Before Raven took a step, he quickly pulled out his two silver guns from behind his back that were hidden under his jacket. As the gunfire went off, Raven blocks the bullets with his guns. He did some dodge, but the rest were block with his guns. While shooting down most of the machine guns. Raven's movements were quick & even. The way Raven did it, seem too easy, but in reality, its simple impossible to have done.

Eventually, Raven also made it across without any injuries.

"Raven, you're really are something," Magician said after seeing that Raven was extremely skilled than he appears.

"It's nothing special," Raven uttered as the door open & walk ahead.

The door open right after Magician & Raven both steps closer to it. The next room was a large with dimmed lights & was painted white with clean white tile floors. There were old statues positions all over the floor & picture frames hanging on the walls.

"It looks like an art museum," Magician murmured as he slowly observes the artworks display in the room. There were other people inside the room; they have been waiting for the other testers to arrive.

While Magician was checking out the place, he saw Raven walk up to a Japanese painting on the wall. Black wooden frames enclosed the painting; causing the painting to stick out more. The painting was of a cherry blossom tree in bloom during the spring.

"You like it?" Magician asked as he came & stand beside Raven while gazing at the painting, "It's called The First Spring. Maki Tsunami was the one who painted this, but this not the actual one she painted."

"What do you mean?" Raven uttered, glancing up at Magician.

"It's a fake…."

There was a long pause between Raven & Magician before a woman finally spoke over the intercom.

"Congratulation, you have made it all the way to the final test," the woman said, "Test number 5 will start in 3-2-1.…."

Without warning, hot red laser beams shoot out surrounding the entire room in front of the testers. There's finally test is to pass through the lasers trap to reach the other side without getting cut by the lasers. Many testers began to carefully go through the lasers trap. Raven & Magician were only people left to enter the lasers trap.

"Do you need help with this, Princess?" Magician asked, "Or do you have this?"

"Don't call me that," Raven said as he walks in front of Magician, towards the entrance of the lasers trap, "This isn't the first time…."

"Eh, you did this before," Magician uttered, impress about how experience Raven was. Magician stood back & watched as Raven went first.

Raven didn't show any fear or any expression as he was about to enter the trap. He took a deep breath before beginning. At that moment, Raven took one step inside before suddenly showing off his ability to Magician.  Raven did a couple of cartwheels & did a handstand, walking a few feet on his hands. Slowly making his way through the lasers; he was in no rush in passing right through. Then, Raven did a handstand forward roll before finally finishing it off with a front walkover with both feet slowly & safely landed on the other side. When Raven had finish, he gave a glance to Magician.

"Not bad, but I can do better," Magician mumbled to himself & dash through the lasers doing the same moves as Raven, but twice as fast.

In no time, Magician made it to the other side with no injuries.

"Did I take too long," Magician spoke in a mocking tone to Raven. Even though Raven didn't display any angry, deep inside he was very annoyed with Magician.

Suddenly, one of the walls in front of them reveals an hidden door that open up. There was incredibly intense light shine on the other side.

"Please step into the light," a man echoes on the other side. Everyone didn't move unsure if it was safe to approach. Magician & Raven were all the way in the back of the group of testers.

"Why isn't anyone going?" Magician quietly whisper to Raven.

"Because they're afraid," Raven answered as he shift forwards & pass by everyone in the room.

The testers noticed & watch as Raven approach the door & walk right through it. There was a moment of silence before Raven reappear again from the door.

"Are you coming?" Raven call out, directing his eyes towards Magician. Everyone glance at Magician to see what he would do. Magician gave a sigh then smirk at Raven.

"You're really something, you know that," Magician approach towards Raven.  "What on the other side?" he asked, curious to know before he saw it himself.

"A white angel…." Raven uttered & quickly disappears into the light.

"A white angel?" Magician repeated, unsure what Raven mean by that. He quickly followed after him.

Through the blinding light, the room was completely cover in white, painted white walls & white marble floors. It was the largest out all the rooms that they went through to get here. There was a large & tall pillar place in the center of the room. On the top of the pillar, there stood a stone status in appearance of a female angel wearing a robe. Her wings were stretch out behind her. She opens her arms out towards them. It was sure a sight to see.

"Wow, it's really is a white angel," Magician spoke out as he observe the angel on the pillar.

"What is this place?" one of the testers said as he enters into the room with the other testers.

"Nice of you to join us," Magician utters out to the group of testers who finally had the guts to enter the room after them.

When everyone had finally entered the room, the doors behind them close & became part of the wall. At that time, a man & a woman appear out from behind the stone angel.

"Congratulate, all of you for making this far," the man spoke with a smile, "However, there is one more test that all of you must face before we can accept you as one of our students in our academy. I wish you well…."

"Please, partner up with someone & enter through one of these doors together," the woman spoke out as doors started to appear from the wall & open up for the testers to enter through, "Last test will start in 3-2-1!"

Then, the man & the woman disappear back behind the stone angel. And testers begin to enter through the doors in pairs. There were enough doors for each individual pairs. Raven enters through the door first with Magician following behind. There was a black, narrow hallway that they have to travel through to get to the other side.

"I wonder what our test will be?" Magician spoke, trying to break the silence between them as they finally reach to the other side.

Magician was still talk while Raven cautiously observes the room that they were going into. Then, Raven got a glimpse of thing nearby, shaking in a corner. Raven's eyes quickly became cold.

"What do you think, Raven?" Magician asks, not concentrating on what Raven was staring at.

"They want us to eliminate someone," Raven immediately answers.

"What are you talking about?"

Raven tilted his head towards Magician; allowing him to look into those cold red eyes which gave chills down Magician's spine. He wasn't sure why Raven was looking at him like that. At that time, Raven directed his glare back towards the same corner as before. Magician follow Raven's glance this time & notice a frighten man tie up in the corner.
"What in the world?" Magician uttered. Then suddenly they heard the sound of an intercom turning on.

"Kill him…." someone spoke over the intercom.

"What!" Magician was surprise to hear those words.

Raven on the other hand didn't flinch & slowly directed one of his guns toward the man's forehead. At the same time, the man was quickly terrified of Raven. There were sweats mix with tears streaming down the man face. The gun was a few centimeter away from the man's head. Magician notice that Raven was planning to pull the trigger at the man.

"Rest in peace," Raven said.

"Wait Raven-"

But it was too late, Raven quickly pull the trigger with a loud bang that echo through the room. At the same time, blood splatters everywhere, covering the wall & floor with the color red. The man's lifeless body slip onto the floor & blood slowly continue to poor out of the open wound.

"You have passed! Congratulation, you are now reside to be a student of Criminal Academy," a woman spoke through the microphone.

Magician was completely shock as he watched the lifeless body lay on the ground. Then, he looks at Raven who was calmly returned the gun back into the holder behind his back.

"You may now exist through the door to your right," the same woman said as a door from the right side of the wall open with bright white light shinning out.

After Raven snaps the button close to keep his guns in place, he walk out the door, leaving Magician behind with the lifeless body.

Cherry blossom, Sakura.

Spring is coming, Sakura.

Wind blowing pink flowers,

with light rain showers.


Cherry blossom, Sakura.

Spring is coming, Sakura.

Blowing from east to west,

I know it will never last.


Cherry blossom, Sakura.

Spring is coming, Sakura.

I promise to cherish this moment with you, Sakura.

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