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Criminal Academy Chapter 1 :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Raven Guns by Kisa1235 Raven Guns :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Shadow Cape
 What is a Shadow Cape?
 It's a dark shadow that is darker than the black of night. The Shadow Cape wears a red cape to show its form to people. They are shadows that judge the living & dreams or nightmares of people. They live & hide in the forest when the sun is out, then come out at night when the moon in the dark sky. It doesn't appear on the day of the new moon, because their power comes from the moon's light which allows them to take their shadow form.
They eat shadows of the unwanted or those who commit sin in their heart. Even though they sound kind there are some that are not, depending on the shade of red was on the cape they wore. Many had powers like changing people dreams or nightmares, controlling a person movement; create shadow beast & figures, but only when the moon appears in the sky. The Shadow Cape are form by lost or forgotten souls of the living.
 How do you know if there's a Shadow Cape is nearby?
 You just need to hear its soft hu
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
War of Silver Snow and the Silence Angel
Long time ago, in the high heavens fell an angel with white wings. Landed into the forest called Silver Snow; where the entire white flying bunny lives. Silver Snow Forest was a peaceful & quiet place for many small harmless demons to live. Silver Snow was named after the snow that was the same color of silver. Even if it was snowing there; the air was warm.
Trees stay green all year long & never die. Villagers who live nearby the forest found the fallen angel, but she had no wings to fly back to heaven anymore. They took her to their nurse back all of her. She wouldn’t speak like she somehow locks her voice away. Sometime, she would look up to heaven looking like she was waiting for someone.
Mostly, she was distant from others. Then one day a priestess& a prince came to the village to rest from their long journey. The prince name was Arogan & his friend, who was the priestess name, was Emi. They go village to village protecting & saving people from monsters or demons that harm t
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Shield of Armor by Kisa1235 Shield of Armor :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0 Envy x Faith by Kisa1235 Envy x Faith :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0 3,054 Pageviews by Kisa1235 3,054 Pageviews :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Intro for Elemental Elements
Earth, the only planet that is known to man which supports life in our solar system. There are four important elements that made it possible: earth, water, air, fire.  They're what help build Earth & allow creatures to live there. Human are one of those creatures, but unlike the rest, human advance their mind. With the elements, human have learn how to use them & continue to create more elements to use. Building what we know today as the human world. Many people use the elements to help create Earth a better place for everyone. however, as human continue to  develop there are those who will abuse the elements for their personal game which may caused a different affect on Earth; leading Earth to disaster & ruins.
Therefore, our ancestors create four warriors who each possess one of the main elements; they are known as 'Elemental Warriors'. The warrior are lead by one leader who will decide Earth's fate; he is known as 'The Sun', Earth's last light of hope.
[1875] Somewhere in
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Your Chose...
"Ethan, Nathan, I call on thy to come forth to me," Father William chanted towards two white statues in the shape of two angels. They both had long wavy hair & wore roman-like robes. The angels' facial expression show calmness like there was nothing to worry about.  Then, all of a sudden, the stone angels started to crack & shatter onto the floor. Afterwards, two life versions of the stone angels appear fluttering in the air.
One of the angels was a male that had long blonde hair & sky blue color eyes. He had long white wings which were now pulled back as she made a safe landing towards the floor. The other angel, in contrast, was a male that had short black hair & dark red color eyes. He had black wings.
"Human, what did you call us for?" Ethan asks Father William.
"I ask for your help," Father William answer, the angels wait for him to continue, "There is a girl that I fear is in danger."
"And what danger would that be?"
"Hear from a dear friend that a vampire has recently attac
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Beginning of Change Fate
In New York City, the streets were busy & crowding with citizens. Its summer time & a large amount people were traveling around outside in the hot baring heat of the sun to their own destination. Others try to stay under the shade of trees & buildings' shade covers; away from the sun's rays.
On the west side of New York, there's a teenage girl with fairly short dark red hair that was tie up in a pony tail & fair color skin. She wore a short dark blue summer beach dress that exposes most of her arms & back skin. She covers her bare back with a white sleeveless jacket. Since the dress was little bit too short; she wore black short shorts underneath just to be safe from anyone seeing her underwear. Then finally, white flip flops & a white shoulder bag to go along with her outfit.
In one hand, she is holding an umbrella to block the sunlight for her face while the other hand is holding a cell phone to her left ear.
"Kaili, like I said, I'm not going," she answers through the phone, "Becaus
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Chapter 13: Faith Decision
"Where have you three been?"Eve said with a furious look, "Do you know how fright I was when I came back home?"
"Sorry," Faith reply, "but it's not Seth or Ace fault."
"Don't cover for them," Eve said while hugging, "They're the ones who were support to be in charge of watching you, but at least you're alright."
Suddenly, something made a small whimper which surprise Eve to look down. In Faith's arms was Kai in the form of a black puppy that made the whimper noise.
"Faith," Eve asks, "Where did you get that pug?"
"I found it in the forest," Faith reply.
"The forest," Eve said.
"Ace, Seth, we need to talk," Eve said, "Come with me."
The two of them follow Eve to the backyard; leaving behind Faith, Mist, & Kai at the front door.
"Well, you can come in, Mist," Faith said, waiting for Mist to advance into the house for her to close the door behind her, "Do you want anything to drink?"
Faith set the pug puppy down in a chair & walks over to the fridge.
"No thanks," Mist said, settin
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Chapter 12: B.D.
"Eve, let me out!" Faith shouted while bang on her bedroom door.
"I can't do that," Eve reply, "Your other half told me, not to let you outside the house today."
"And why not?!"
"She says something bad is going to happen, if you leave this house."
"Can't I get out of my room at least?"
"This so stupid Faith said, bang at the door again.
"I'm sorry," Eve said, "Just bare with it for today."
"Fine, but what I'm going to do for the entire day?"
"Read your books or take a nap for now."
Faith went to her book selves & started to look for a book to read; finally giving up on trying to escape from her room. Faith finally found one, the book was bigger than her other books.
"B.D.," Faith said to herself, "What a strange title for a book."
Faith sat down on her bed & opens the book, but couldn't.
"It won't open," Faith thought to herself, "I look like its lock, here."
There was a strange circle shape lock with pattern on it which was carved into the book for some reason. The books h
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Chapter 11: Envy Warning
"Faith, it's time for bed," Eve said, folding some of Faith's clothes, "You're going to work tomorrow."
"K," Faith reply back, getting off the dinner chair & head towards the stair to the bathroom.
"Seth, Ace, are you going to stay here tonight?"
"Yeah," they both said, too occupied reading books that Faith brought downstairs. She was trying to forget what happen to her, today, with Envy taking over her body.
"I have a question," Ace call out to Eve, who was upstairs getting ready to go to bed & seeing her sister go off to bed as well.
"What," Eve reply back, not knowing who ask.
"Did you read Faith stories about demons & what human called make believe?"
"Sometimes," Eve said, "Why?"
"Because she had a lot of books about them."
"Yeah, I know."
"What are you reading?" Ace asks Seth, who was deep in reading.
"Something about Bastet ," Seth said, "Do you that Bastet usually represented as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat in a place called Egypt."
"No, I don't & I don't care."
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Yin and Yang Chapter 2
"Mother, wake up," Yin said softly to me, "It's time, great- grandma is watching for us in the garden."
"Yeah," I utter while struggle to stir out of bed. I got dress quickly, knowing my grandmother, she not the patient type.
"Let's go," I said, grabbing my bags & rushing down the hallways toward the back of the residence. There, my grandmother was waiting with the dimension capsule that was connected to the demon world.
"Are you three ready to go?" my grandmother said.
"Yes, grandmother," I answer.
Then she turns to the twins & put her hands on their outer shoulder.
"Yin, Yang, the demon world is not the same as our world, remember that," my grandmother spoke with a serious face, "So, you must be always on your guard. Do you understand?"
They both nod to her with their own honest face & went to join me at the dimension capsule.
"We will be back, soon," I told my grandmother, then bow to her. After that, the three of us walk straight into the dimension capsule without look ba
:iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Mature content
Yin and Yang Chapter 1 :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0
Elemental Magic Center by Kisa1235 Elemental Magic Center :iconkisa1235:Kisa1235 0 0


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Cherry blossom, Sakura.

Spring is coming, Sakura.

Wind blowing pink flowers,

with light rain showers.


Cherry blossom, Sakura.

Spring is coming, Sakura.

Blowing from east to west,

I know it will never last.


Cherry blossom, Sakura.

Spring is coming, Sakura.

I promise to cherish this moment with you, Sakura.

  • Drinking: Water


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